Up and Coming Sessions

Something for Everyone and Every Dog


Hoopers  Rolling Basis Sessions

High Fun and Low Impact Activity

Learn to work with your dog to negotiate courses of hoops, barrels and tunnels. Building focus, co-operation and confidence as well as having great fun with your dog! Any dog over 6 months and good with other dogs can do this.

Weekly sessions on a Thursday 18.00 and 19.00 and Saturday 15.00


Beginner Skills Rolling Basis Every Saturday 14.00 

Every Wednesday 11.00 

Suitable for puppies, adolescents and rescues that need to learn the basic skills to live in a human world.

Running on a rolling basis it allows you to book as many sessions as you feel you need. You will work at you and your dogs level.

Things learnt - sit, down, stand for examination, walking on loose lead, meet and greet, come, give, leave, wait and settle as well as various enrichment games to enhance the learning process. 


Smart Skills Saturday 13.00

This is for dog's that are now more focused on their owners and need to take the next step in training. We will be doing much more off lead work such as Heelwork, multiple dog recalls, stays at distance with distractions, freestyle trick training, rally obedience, scent, body conditioning, training games and lots more.

As with all my Skills sessions they are on a rolling basis so you can just book the sessions you can make. Each week we will be doing different things and will work each individual dog at their level.

Because we are working off lead all dogs must be comfortable around other dogs.


4 Week Scent Workshop 8th June 19.00

Teach your dog to search for a specific scent not just sniff around but actually search with their nose.
We will teach them how to find a specific scent in amongst everyday articles, parked cars, outside in the real world where you have breeze and other interesting scent to contend with.
Over the 4 weeks we will build your dog's to work independently until they find the target, introduce an indicator and teach them when to stop searching.
We will work in groups and individually so there will only be a maximum of 5 dog places available.
The workshops will take place on consecutive Wednesday evenings 19.00 starting on 8th June. The cost of the 4 week Workshop is £50.00 payable in advance. 


NEW Puppy Adventures

This year I am introducing Puppy Adventures which is aimed at dog's from 12 weeks to 6 months. It will be a controlled safe environment for young dog's to socialise both on and off lead. 
Your puppy will be introduced to different experiences, sounds and smells. You will learn games that can be incorporated into your everyday lives. This will be about having fun with your puppy. 
Sessions will be 30 minutes. Max group 6